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The DPF Cleaning Experts

Advanced DPF Cleaning

Located in Middlesbrough next to the Advanced Manufacturing Plant we are the leading industry experts with over 16 years of experience. Tackling DPF related problems for 8 years we have the technology, knowledge and competence to get your vehicle running to maximum efficiency. Clients come to us from all over the North East because we get the job done correctly.

  • Pre & Post Clean Images Taken
  • Removal and Installation carried out
  • Diagnostics checked when re-installed

The DPF Clinic Explained

We provide specialist DPF cleaning with state of the art machinery

Over time, ash levels build up within the DPF and this typically occurs at 60k - 80k miles. Causing a blockage in the filter, the only way to thoroughly clean the DPF is via removal. Due to knowledge and experience, The DPF Clinic understand that forced regeneration or the use of chemical additives will not provide a long term solution. Removing soot and not ash, your DPF requires removal and a deep clean.

The technology we own allows us to inspect your DPF prior ro cleaning. Running at around 45% efficiency when your warning light will appear we will give you statistics before and after cleaning. Upon completion, the DPF is dried through and re-paired as new to your vehicle through diagnostics. A 12 month warranty (or 12k miles) gives you peace of mind.

Improved Performance

Your vehicle will increase in power whilst using less diesel and oil.

Reduced Emmisions

Lower levels of CO2 are released due to the cleanliness of your DPF.

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