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Our DPF Cleaning Process

Advanced DPF Deep Clean

If your DPF warning light has made an appearance, get in touch with our specialists immediately. Our DPF cleaning service is advanced, designed for readiness and longevity. Removing soot and ash we’ll measure efficiency before and after so you’ll physically see the results of a DPF cleaning service.

  • Removal if required
  • Camera inspection before & after deep clean
  • Air flow test before and after
  • Deep clean and fully dried
  • Diagnostic testing upon completion
DPF Removal

As part of the DPF cleaning service, our trained experts will remove this for you. Alternatively you can bring your DPF to us for cleaning.

Camera Inspection

Your DPF needs to be in good condition prior to cleaning. We will closely inspect this using a camera whilst taking images for reference.

Air Flow Test

Air flow testing occurs once your DPF is placed in the machine. This gives us a percentage indicator of current DPF efficiency.


Our state-of-the-art machine gets to work cleaning your DPF. High water pressure at the right temperature allows a relatively fast service.

Drying Process

Our DPF cleaning service includes a thorough drying. Taking around 30 minutes, this ensures maximum efficiency upon replacement.

Further Testing

Air Flow is further tested and a print out received in order to show you the difference between before and after the deep clean.

DPF Cleaning Redefined.

The DPF Cleaning Experts

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