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Is the DPF Cleaning process safe?
The process is completely safe and carried out in a controlled environment. DPF cleaning returns up to 98% efficiency for your vehicle meaning fuel and oil are consumed less.
Do you offer a warranty?
Yes, The DPF Clinic offers a twelve month warranty (or 12,000 miles). Should you experience any difficulties with the DPF during your warranty period then just get in touch.
Is this cost effective?
Absolutely. Other methods such as forced regeneration or the use of chemical additives only temporarily sorts the problem by removing just soot. A deep clean ensures both soot and ash are gone and that air flow is increased by up to 98% and will prove efficient for a longer period of time.
What are the benefits of a DPF deep clean?
Mirroring cost effectiveness, a deep clean means you will pay out a single time for maximum benefit. In addition your car will run more efficiently using less fuel and oil. You will also be releasing less CO2 thus doing your bit for the environment.
Can I just remove my DPF?
There are both legal and social implications with regards to DPF removal. We recommend bringing your vehicle to us and we will carry out the task within the realms of the law. For more infomation on the law and DPF’s please visit this link.

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