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Have you already tried DPF cleaning and experienced only short term results? Here at the DPF Clinic we provide advanced cleaning methods across Darlington. Keen to learn more?

As industry experts with over 16 years of experience, we have dedicated 8 of these years working directly with DPF related issues. If you happen to be presented with a warning light or feel as though your vehicle is experiencing high fuel consumption, speak to us today. In the meantime, check out or video below where we show advanced DPF cleaning in action. We are based close to Darlington and when you drop your vehicle across we will have it ready for you the same day.

If you have looked into DPF cleaning previously, you will have likely come across a process known as forced regeneration. This involves the use of chemical additives and does not include the necessary removal of the actual DPF. By using chemicals, whilst this gets to work on attacking the soot it doesn’t even touch the ash. Your vehicle will experience half a job with 50% of the benefits. It is likely the issue will occur after a short period of time. Our state-of-the-art technology and machinery tackles soot and ash whilst providing you with in-depth information on air flow before and after the clean. Upon completion you should experience less fuel consumption whilst reducing CO2 emissions. Administer this procedure on a yearly basis, as you would a service and you will continue to save money.

Cleaning your DPF

The first aspect of a clean is DPF removal and we do this to ensure it is fully intact. We use a specialist camera to investigate internally and once satisfied, commence cleaning. Air flow is tested as standard and we gather before and after data. Once cleaning begins, the water temperature rises accordingly and the correct water pressure is used. This ensures the safe removal of both soot and ash. The DPF is dried thoroughly and we print out air flow statistics once again. Your DPF is refitted and we carry our relevant diagnostics. You will have your vehicle back usually within the same day.

Customers visit us from various places in and around Darlington including Hurworth, Bishopton, Great Burdon and High Coniscliffe. You will find us just off the A19 Tees flyover.

Speak to one of our DPF experts today, give us a call on 01642 688247

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