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DPF Cleaning Prices

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Please Note: DPF cleaning costs include two hours of labour on both standard and advanced options. Depending on the age, condition and vehicle manufacturer, additional labour time may be required in order to remove & re-fit your DPF filter. To discuss DPF cleaning costs further with a specialist, please get in touch. Based in Middlebrough, we cover Stockton, Teesside, Darlington and the North East. 



You or your mechanic removes the DPF bringing only this to us for advanced cleaning. We’ll use state of the art machinery before handing it back over for you to refit. Every clean is carried out at our Middlesbrough base.


From £375.00

Bring us your vehicle and remove the DPF, clean, dry, test and refit. Everything listed is included in the DPF cleaning costs. Feel free to relax with a coffee whilst we get the job done.


From £45.00

A full diagnostic report is available separately and highlights any mechanical faults and how best to resolve these. Should any issues fall outside of our remit we will recommend a reputable mechanic to help further.

* Warranty only applies to DPF clean, other methods are temporary. Warranty active for 12 months or 12,000 miles - whichever comes first.

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