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Stockton Based DPF Cleaning

Based in the Portrack area of Stockton, The DPF Clinic specialise in advanced cleaning using the height of technology and machinery.

Unlike existing methods currently available, our cleaning gets rid of both soot and ash, ensuring the longevity of your vehicles efficiency. If you have noticed strong smelling diesel, your vehicle is using fuel at a faster rate (including oil) and if an engine warning light has made an appearance, it’s likely the DPF is blocked. Heavily responsible for smooth running, air should be able to flow freely. So how can we help resolve the issue?

Advanced DPF Cleaning Methods

Forced regeneration and the use of chemical additives are carried out without actually removing the DPF. As previously mentioned, this gets to work on treating any soot but ash will remain therefore leaving air flow restricted. If choosing these methods you will likely experience short term benefits before previous issues begin to occur. These processes require regular repetition and it can become a costly experience. Our solution uses advanced technology in order to notably increase air flow. Proven data is provided to all of our customers and to give you peace of mind you will drive away with a 12 month warranty or 12K miles. Should you experience any issues during this time then simply speak to us and we will resolve it.

How does it work?

Bring your vehicle directly to us in Stockton. Our experts will remove the DPF before carrying various tests. We need to ensure the DPF is not damaged in any way and use a specialist camera. Once confident there are no internal issues, air flow is recorded and cleaning commences. The high water pressures and perfect temperatures ensures the removal of both soot and ash. Upon completion the DPF is completely dried through and air flow tested once more. We will present you with this data upon collection. We then re-fit and carry out specific diagnostics. Job done! And all of this is carried out within 24 hours. Usually your vehicle will be back in your possession on the same day.

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