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Advanced DPF Cleaning

The DPF Clinic in Teesside offers an advanced DPF cleaning service across the local area. If you are looking for this specific service then you require a sophisticated process that does the job properly.

When your DPF becomes blocked it can cause a range of issues within your vehicle. Loss of power, a strong smell of diesel, increasing oil levels, high fuel consumption and potentially the DPF warning light will show. How can we help?

Other methods of cleaning are available. Forced regeneration or by using chemical additives for example are designed to treat the issues. However, this will only remove the soot from your DPF as opposed to the ash. The results are likely to be short lived and you will find your vehicle begins to experience problems once again. We have the solution. Our advanced DPF Cleaning uses state-of-the-art technology and machinery ensuring your DPF is re-fitted as good as new and will stand the test of time. It is recommended you have your DPF cleaned once a year, just as you would have your vehicle serviced. When using our services we offer a 12 month warranty of 12 thousand miles, whichever comes first.

DPF Cleaning Process

Our method is straightforward and we aim to have your vehicle back with you in 24 hours. Upon arrival your DPF is removed and checked with a camera so we can determine the amount of blockage and ensure it is fully intact. We will test the back pressure to gain insight into the blockage level and cleaning will begin. High water pressure and the correct temperature gets to work on cleaning soot and ash and upon completion, further air flow checks are carried out. You will receive this data upon vehicle collection. The DPF is thoroughly dried and re-fitted before diagnostics are carried out.

With a range of options available we recommend speaking to our Teesside based experts today. Get in touch now to book in your vehicle.

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